The village of Kissos, located on East Pelion is the third largest village after Zagora and Tsagarada. During the years of Ottoman domination, there were 1563 residents in 1860 and two schools for boys and girls. Riga Fereos taught at the school in Kissos that functioned from 1753 with the economic help from Greek people that lived in Egypt.  

In the beautiful village square no one can resist visiting the exquisite church of Saint Marina, built in the 17th century, boasting an incredible gold table inside.  The church was radically renovated in 1745 with money from Greeks that resided abroad.  The walls were adorned with paintings by the popular artist Yannis Pagonis in 1802.  Interestingly, the paintings at Saint Marina Church by Pagonis are not limited to the ever-present saint paintings commonly found in area churches, but also extend to topographies and biographies.

Visitors can walk the famous area mountain paths and enjoy the views of nature in all her splendor.
Kissos was not originally found in its current location.  An ancient fortress, graves and currency were found nearby from the Romaic times, but were later abandoned for unknown reasons.  In addition, a small coastal settlement was created around 1550, but that too had to be abandoned due to raids from pirates.  From 1881 to 1912, the Kissos village was the seat of an area Municipality, that included the settlements of Ag. Dimitrios and Ag. Ioannis.  In 1912, that was no longer necessary.

Today the residents of the village of Kissos rely on tourism, along with the production of apples, chestnuts and pear-trees, treatment of timber, general trade, and the production of traditional sweets, wine and raki to sustain it.

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